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We consider the nonpreemptive scheduling of two identical machines for jobs with equal processing times yet arbitrary release dates and deadlines. Our objective is to maximize the number of jobs completed by their deadlines. Using standard nomenclature, this problem is denoted as <i>P</i>2 &verbar; <i>p<sub>j</sub></i> &equals; <i>p</i>,<i>r<sub>j</sub></i>(More)
Managing risk has become increasingly important in modern organizations, including medicine, aviation, and finance. Accident investigation concentrates on failures, which are important for discovering major breakdowns, but failures are rare events. Proactive approaches offer the flexibility of observing normal operations A Line Operations Safety Audit(More)
White cell (WBC)-reduction filters that remove more than 99 percent of the WBCs from platelet concentrates are rapidly being introduced into routine use. Using activation-dependent monoclonal antibodies and flow cytometry, platelet activation was evaluated before and after WBC reduction in 10 platelet concentrates prepared manually from whole blood obtained(More)
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