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BACKGROUND Bloodstream infections from central venous catheters (CVC-BSIs) increase morbidity and costs in intensive care units (ICUs). Substantial reductions in CVC-BSI rates have been reported using a combination of technical and non-technical interventions. METHODS We conducted a 2-year, four-cluster, stepped non-randomised study of technical and(More)
The NEO Personality Inventory was given to 33 married patients with bipolar disorder. Consistent with previous findings, patients with bipolar disorder did not show an abnormal personality profile as a group. Extremely wide variation on all scales indicated that the group profile tells little about individual patients. Trait neuroticism robustly predicted(More)
We have examined the development of the dopaminergic system of the guinea pig retina, a species in which retinal neuronal and synaptic differentiation occurs largely in utero. Fetal animals aged 42-69 days (full term), neonates, postnatal (pn) animals to 12 weeks, and mature animals were studied to determine retinal dopamine (DA) storage, metabolism(More)
The factor structure of the WAIS-R has been the subject of much debate and recently researchers have examined multiple independent samples and compared the resulting factor structures using the coefficient of congruence. On the basis of this, one recent study concluded that the WAIS-R had three clear factors. In the present study this conclusion was(More)
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