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The past several decades have seen multiple advances in the surgical reconstruction for girls born with Disorders of Sexual Differentiation. This surgery can be technically very demanding, and must be individualized for each patient, as the degree of virilization and level of confluence of the vagina and urogenital sinus will dictate the surgical(More)
A lengthy debate in the philosophy of the cognitive sciences has turned on whether the phenomenon known as 'systematicity' of language and thought shows that connectionist explanatory aspirations are misguided. We investigate the issue of just which phenomenon 'systematicity' is supposed to be. The much-rehearsed examples always suggest that being(More)
PURPOSE The surgical treatment of urogenital sinus anomalies has undergone significant advances in recent years. Total urogenital mobilization, which mobilizes the urogenital sinus, vagina and urethra en bloc toward the perineum, represents one of these advances. MATERIALS AND METHODS We have improved our results with total urogenital mobilization by(More)
  • GUY LONGWORTH, Alex Barber, +7 authors Mark Kalderon
  • 2007
I explore one apparent source of confl ict between our naïve view of grammatical properties and the best available scientifi c view of grammatical properties. That source is the modal dependence of the range of naïve, or manifest, grammatical properties that is available to a speaker upon the confi gurations and operations of their internal systems—that is,(More)
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