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A measure of transaction processing power
These benchmarks measure the performance of diverse transaction processing systems and a standard system cost measure is stated and used to define price/performance metrics.
Effects of animal waste control practices on nonpoint-source phosphorus loading in the west branch of the Delaware River watershed
ABSTRACT: The water quality objective of the New York State Model Implementation Program (MIP) was to reduce phosphorus (P) loading to the Cannonsville Reservoir, a eutrophic impoundment on the West
Prevalence of Liver Lesions in Brown Bullheads from a Polluted Site and a Nonpolluted Reference Site on the Hudson River, New York
Prevalence of some specific lesions, determined through histological examination of liver samples, may serve as an indicator of exposure to chemical contaminants in Hudson River brown bullheads.
PCB congeners to monitor with caged juvenile fish in the upper Hudson river
A distinct pattern of consistently most abundant PCB congeners is identified in caged juvenile fish during a developmental monitoring study of bioaccumulation in the upper Hudson River, 1985. An
Filter Design Criteria for Sediment Caps in Rivers
Remediation of contaminated sediments in rivers and harbors by in-place capping is being increasingly considered at several sites along the United States and even worldwide. Currently, few design