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Over the last decade rapid progress has been made in the study of ethanol-related traits including alcohol abuse and dependence, and behavioral responses to ethanol in both humans and animal models. To collect, curate, integrate these results so as to make them easily accessible and interpretable for researchers, we developed ERGR, a comprehensive(More)
Bronchial vasodilation in dogs is mediated largely by vagal pathways. To examine the relative contribution of cholinergic and noncholinergic parasympathetic pathways and of sensory axon reflexes to vagal bronchial vasodilation, we electrically stimulated the peripheral vagus nerve in 10 chloralose-anesthetized dogs and measured bronchial artery flow.(More)
A t the time the first pancreas transplant was performed by Kelly and Lillehei in 1966, insulin therapy for diabetes was generally available but administered in a form that is known today as " conventional therapy. " 1 In this era, as many as half of all juvenile onset diabetics did not reach the age of 55 years. Early mortality from accelerated(More)
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