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Keywords: Incompressible turbulent boundary layers Turbulent inflow Compact finite differences Staggered grid High-resolution a b s t r a c t A new high-resolution code for the direct simulation of incompressible boundary layers over a flat plate is described. It can accommodate a wide range of pressure gradients, and general time-dependent boundary(More)
Wall-bounded turbulent shear flows are perhaps the last area in ‘classical’ incompressible turbulence in which there still are open questions about basic physical mechanisms. There are two competing conceptual models. In the first one, wall turbulence is just a modification of ordinary shear turbulence occuring when the latter is a near wall, and is(More)
Near-wall turbulence in the buffer region is qualitatively characterized in terms of recently-found nonlinear three-dimensional solutions to the incompressible Navier–Stokes equation for wall-bounded shear flows. Jiménez & Simens' (2001) traveling-wave solution for an autonomous wall flow, Nagata's (1990) steady and Kawahara & Kida's (2001) periodic(More)
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