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This paper describes the Gaggle, a mechanism for grouping and naming objects in an object-oriented distributed system. Using Gaggles, client objects can access distributed replicated services without regard for the number of objects that provide the service. Gaggles are not themselves a replication mechanism; instead they enable programmers to construct(More)
The two N-hydroxylated derivatives (amide oximes) and the corresponding amides of the trypanocidal diamidine diminazene (Berenil, CAS 536-71-0) have been synthesized. These reference compounds made it possible to investigate the in vitro metabolism of the amidine functionalities of diminazene. Diminazene metabolites were detected for the first time, in the(More)
After administration of benzamidine (1) or benzamidoxime (2), respectively, to rats and rabbits, plasma from rats and rabbits as well as urine from rats were examined for the presence of benzamidoxime (2) or benzamidine (1). Some of the samples were worked-up directly and the others after enzymatic pretreatment with beta-glucuronidase or arylsulfatase,(More)
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