Mark Overton

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This paper “accounts” for the Great Divergence between Europe and Asia in two ways. In the sense of measurement: (1) the traditional view, in which the Great Divergence had late medieval origins and was already well under way during the early modern period, is confirmed (2) However, revisionists are correct to point to regional variation within both(More)
The role of anaesthetists has expanded and evolved to include critical care, perioperative and pain medicine and general clinical skills, as well as operating theatre-based clinical anaesthesia. Across Australia and New Zealand, these topics are taught to varying degrees, however no uniform curriculum or standardisation exists between universities. In this(More)
A review of ophthalmology surgical and non-surgical interventions for intermittent exotropia conducted for the Cochrane Database (Hatt and Gnanaraj, 2006) concluded that the available medical literature consists mainly of retrospective case reviews which are difficult to reliably interpret and analyse. The one randomised trial included found unilateral(More)
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