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InThe Revolt of the Masses, JoseOrtega y Gasset suggests that the work of average or mediocre researchers plays a role in the advancement of science. In order to examine the “Ortega hypothesis” in sociology, lifework citations to scholars referred to in 5 of the most highly cited contemporary sociological articles are examined. The findings do not support(More)
A number of observers have commented that American sociology has recently experimenced a shift in its cognitive structure. In order to empirically investigate these observations, citations in the two most prominent sociological journals during 1955 and 1970 are examined. The data indicate that (a) various theory groups account for a relatively small(More)
In their brief paper, MaeRoberts and MaeRoberts criticize the methodological foundations and policy implications of a number of recent works on the Ortega hypothesis. Although their recommendation that a proper test of the hypothesis "will require that workers abandon citations and bibliographies" (p. 00) is somewhat extreme, their comments add little to(More)
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