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STUDY OBJECTIVES To explore the relationship between sleep duration in adolescence and hypercholesterolemia in young adulthood. Experimental sleep restriction has been shown to significantly increase total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol levels in women. Short sleep duration has been found in cross sectional studies to be associated with higher total(More)
BACKGROUND Published methods for assessing remission in schizophrenia are variable and none have been definitively validated or standardized. Andreasen et al (2005) suggest systematic operational criteria using eight PANSS items for which patients must score < or = 3 (mild) for at least six months. METHODS Using data from a one year, multi-site clinical(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVES To explore age differences in the relationship between sleep duration and mortality by conducting analyses stratified by age. Both short and long sleep durations have been found to be associated with mortality. Short sleep duration is associated with negative health outcomes, but there is little evidence that long sleep duration has adverse(More)
OBJECTIVES Pregnant women exposed to an acute traumatic event are thought to produce offspring with an increased incidence of affective disorders. It is not known whether there are specific times in pregnancy which confer increased vulnerability, or if psychosocial stress alone can increase the incidence of affective disorders in offspring. We examined the(More)
Tetrachloroethylene is a solvent used in dry cleaning with reported neurotoxic effects. Using proportional hazard methods, we examined the relationship between parental occupation as a dry cleaner and risk for schizophrenia in a prospective population-based cohort of 88,829 offspring born in Jerusalem from 1964 through 1976, followed from birth to age 21-33(More)
There is currently no accepted standard for the clinical research industry to follow when selecting and training raters to administer rating scales in clinical neuroscience trials. This article offers guidelines, based on expert recommendations of the CNS Summit Rater Training and Certification Committee, for selecting, training, and evaluating raters. The(More)
Stimulation of human promyelocytic HL60 cells by a 60Hz magnetic field at normal growth temperatures results in heat shock factor 1 activation and heat shock element binding, a sequence of events that mediates the stress-induced transcription of the stress gene HSP70 and increased synthesis of the stress response protein hsp70kD. Thus, the events mediating(More)
PURPOSE High brain levels of aluminum (Al) can be neurotoxic and cause learning and memory deficits. Gastrodia elata (GE) is a Chinese herb widely used for improving mental function in traditional Chinese medicine. We measured changes in Al-induced neurotransmitter alteration and performance on a learning and memory task to elucidate the mechanism of Al(More)
While the "clinical high-risk state" for psychosis has demonstrated good reliability and fair predictive validity for psychotic disorders, over 50% of identified subjects do not progress to psychosis. Despite the benefits that early detection and treatment might offer, debate concerning the official inclusion of a "psychosis risk syndrome" in the upcoming(More)
Recent studies have suggested the involvement of loci on the Y chromosome in prostate cancer. We studied the relative risk (RR) of prostate cancer in relation to sex ratio of offspring in a cohort of 38,934 Israeli men who were followed from the birth of their offspring (in 1964 through 1976) until 2005. Cox models were used to adjust for changes in(More)