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Mammalian cell nucleoli disassemble at the onset of M-phase and reassemble during telophase. Recent studies showed that partially processed preribosomal RNA (pre-rRNA) is preserved in association with processing components in the perichromosomal regions (PRs) and in particles called nucleolus-derived foci (NDF) during mitosis. Here, the dynamics of(More)
Previous studies showed that components implicated in pre-rRNA processing, including U3 small nucleolar (sno)RNA, fibrillarin, nucleolin, and proteins B23 and p52, accumulate in perichromosomal regions and in numerous mitotic cytoplasmic particles, termed nucleolus-derived foci (NDF) between early anaphase and late telophase. The latter structures were(More)
The subcellular location of several nonribosomal nucleolar proteins was examined at various stages of mitosis in synchronized mammalian cell lines including HeLa, 3T3, COS-7 and HIV-1 Rev-expressing CMT3 cells. Nucleolar proteins B23, fibrillarin, nucleolin and p52 as well as U3 snoRNA were located partially in the peripheral regions of chromosomes from(More)
The cell nucleolus is the subnuclear body in which ribosomal subunits are assembled, and it is also the location of several processes not related to ribosome biogenesis. Recent studies have revealed that nucleolar components move about in a variety of ways. One class of movement is associated with ribosome assembly, which is a vectorial process originating(More)
Nucleolin [C23 or 100 kilodaltons (kDa)] is the major nucleolar phosphorylated protein in exponentially growing Chinese hamster ovary cells. A nucleolar cyclic nucleotide independent protein kinase copurified with nucleolin in a complex which could be dissociated by hydroxyapatite chromatography. The kinase was stimulated by spermine and inhibited by(More)
Protein B23 is a major nucleolar phosphoprotein proposed to be a ribosome assembly factor. Protein B23 exists as two isoforms, B23.1 and B23.2, differing only in their carboxyl-terminal sequences. The interaction of recombinantly produced B23 isoforms with double-stranded DNA was studied using gel retardation and nitrocellulose filter disk assays. Protein(More)
Protein B23 is an abundant nucleolar protein and a putative ribosome assembly factor which possesses an intrinsic ribonuclease activity. In the current work, the effects of RNA sequence and secondary structure on the cleavage preference by protein B23 were studied. Protein B23 ribonuclease preferentially cleaved the single-stranded homopolymers poly(A),(More)
The HIV-1 Rev protein localizes predominantly to the nucleolus of HIV-1-infected or Rev-expressing cells. The subcellular location of Rev during mitotic nucleolar disintegration was examined at various stages of mitosis in synchronized Rev-expressing CMT3 cells. During early prophase Rev was predominantly located in disintegrating nucleoli and began to(More)
The association of nucleolar phosphoprotein C23 with preribosomal ribonucleoprotein (RNP) particles was examined in Novikoff hepatoma nucleoli. RNA was labeled with [3H]uridine for various times in cell suspensions, and RNP particles were extracted from isolated nucleoli and fractionated by sucrose gradient ultracentrifugation. The majority of protein C23(More)