Mark O.J. Olson

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Mammalian cell nucleoli disassemble at the onset of M-phase and reassemble during telophase. Recent studies showed that partially processed preribosomal RNA (pre-rRNA) is preserved in association with processing components in the perichromosomal regions (PRs) and in particles called nucleolus-derived foci (NDF) during mitosis. Here, the dynamics of(More)
Protein B23 is an abundant nucleolar protein and a putative ribosome assembly factor which possesses an intrinsic ribonuclease activity. In the current work, the effects of RNA sequence and secondary structure on the cleavage preference by protein B23 were studied. Protein B23 ribonuclease preferentially cleaved the single-stranded homopolymers poly(A),(More)
The HIV-1 Rev protein localizes predominantly to the nucleolus of HIV-1-infected or Rev-expressing cells. The subcellular location of Rev during mitotic nucleolar disintegration was examined at various stages of mitosis in synchronized Rev-expressing CMT3 cells. During early prophase Rev was predominantly located in disintegrating nucleoli and began to(More)
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