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LTE is well on its way to becoming the primary cellular standard, due to its performance and low cost. Over the next decade we will become dependent on LTE, which is why we must ensure it is secure and available when we need it. Unfortunately, like any wireless technology, disruption through radio jamming is possible. This paper investigates the extent to(More)
Isotope-based methods are commonly used for metabolic flux analysis and metabolite quantification in biological extracts. Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy is a powerful analytical tool for these studies because NMR can unambiguously identify compounds and accurately measure (13)C enrichment. We have developed a new pulse sequence,(More)
Diffusion coefficients of huntingtin (Htt) fragments and SOD1 mutants expressed in cells were measured using fluorescence correlation spectroscopy. The diffusion mobilities of both non-pathological Htt fragments (25 polyQs) and pathological Htt fragments (103 polyQs) were much slower than expected for monomers suggesting that they oligomerize. The mobility(More)
APTA Security Risk Management Workgroup This Recommended Practice represents a common viewpoint of those parties concerned with its provisions, namely, transit operating/planning agencies, manufacturers, consultants, engineers and general interest groups. The application of any standards, practices or guidelines contained herein is voluntary. In some cases,(More)
The importance of wind power generation has risen in the last years so much as to be considered among the most important and affordable Renewable Energy Sources (RES) with a growing rate faster than other technologies. Nowadays, wind technology is looking at offshore installations, due to the both lack of land resources and environmentalist opposition. This(More)
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