Mark Neumann

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Multi-hop inference is necessary for machine learning systems to successfully solve tasks such as Recognising Textual Entailment and Machine Reading. In this work, we demonstrate the effectiveness of adaptive computation for learning the number of inference steps required for examples of different complexity and that learning the correct number of inference(More)
BACKGROUND Evidence for an association between traffic-related air pollution and allergic disease is inconsistent, possibly because the adverse effects may be limited to susceptible subgroups and these have not been identified. This study examined children in the Childhood Asthma Prevention Study (CAPS), potentially susceptible to air pollution effects(More)
Within the paradigm of the “knowledge driven economy” the role of knowledge in fostering innovative products, services and processes has been increasingly realised by academics and practitioners in recent years. Although considerable effort has been undertaken to point out the importance of knowledge within innovation systems and to investigate patterns of(More)
This paper details the potential of GaN HEMT technology for RF high power amplifiers (HPA), low noise amplifiers (LNA) and high linearity amplifiers with practical application examples. Large GaN HEMT powerbars are measured in a 50-¿-system at 2 GHz. Measurements show excellent characteristics in terms of power, linearity and noise. This combination of high(More)
Die Systemevaluation vier ausgewählter Open-Source-ERP-Systeme (OS-ERP-Systeme) hat gezeigt, dass Controlling-Aspekte oftmals nur minimal oder unzureichend umgesetzt sind. Damit konnte eine wesentliche Lücke im Funktionsumfang der betrachteten Systeme identifiziert werden.Darüber, inwiefern diese funktionale Lücke in Zukunft geschlossen werden wird, kann(More)