Mark N. Glauser

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This work completes a series of detailed experiments of boundary layers undergoing transition to turbulence with the major effort directed toward the most important issue facing the understanding of fundamental causes of transition, i.e., the receptivity to freestream disturbances. This problem is reviewed in detail by Saric et al. (1994). The present(More)
We are developing feedback control methods based on the use of Proper Orthogonal Decomposition POD and Modified Linear Stochastic Measurement mLSM for the flow over a NACA 4412 airfoil. By using a combination of Particle Image Velocimetry PIV and multiple surface pressure measurements, processed through a POD/mLSM algorithm, estimates of the velocity field(More)
The near-field pressure region of a Mach 0.85 axisymmetric jet with an exit nozzle diameter of 50.8mm, is examined experimentally using an azimuthal array of 15 equidistantly spaced (24) transducers positioned just outside the jet shear layer. The exit flow temperature is held constant at a temperature of 27C, and is pressure and temperature balanced with(More)
To better understand the relationship between the near-field pressure and the acoustic far-field, multi-point measurements of the near-field pressure around the periphery of a cold Mach 0.85 round jet are compared to simultaneous multi-point farfield acoustic pressure measurements. The results indicate that the near-field pressure is low dimensional and the(More)
Part of our continuous efforts to implement an effective closed-loop feedback control of the flow over a NACA 4412 airfoil is the obtention of an accurate estimate of the actual flow state. An elaborate controller combines both prediction and measurement techniques to obtain a precise estimation of the control variable. In this paper we focus on the(More)
Submitted for the DFD15 Meeting of The American Physical Society Experimental observations of a complex, supersonic nozzle concept1 ANDREW MAGSTADT, MATTHEW BERRY, MARK GLAUSER, Syracuse Univ, CHRISTOPHER RUSCHER, SIVARAM GOGINENI, Spectral Energies, LLC., BARRY KIEL, Air Force Research Laboratory, WPAFB, SKYTOP TURBULENCE LABS, SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY TEAM,(More)
The primary focus of this paper is to highlight the research activities that have been underway at two research institutions: (1) Syracuse University, in Syracuse, New York, USA, and (2) Laboratoire d’Etudes Aérodynamiques, in Poitiers, France. In recent years, a subset of the research activities at these institutions have been rooted in developing(More)
The fluctuating wall pressure field measured simultaneously at 137 points in an impinging jet with ReD = 23, 000 and a nozzle-to-plate spacing of two diameters. A previous time averaged azimuthal decomposition indicated that the fluctuating pressure field could be accurately described using few azimuthal modes, indicating this flow is an excellent candidate(More)