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|A novel evolutionary computing method | quantum inspired genetic algorithms | is introduced, where concepts and principles of quantum mechanics are used to inform and inspire more eecient evolutionary computing methods. The basic terminology of quantum mechanics is introduced before a comparison is made between a classical genetic algorithm and a quantum(More)
primary neuronal cultures, as well as in lesioned animal models, have provided evidence that GDNF is a survival factor for embryonic midbrain dopaminergic neurons shown to promote the survival of cultured dopaminergic Bute Medical Building, St. Andrews and motor, but not peripheral, neurons (Milbrandt et al., United Kingdom 1998). 6 Deltagen, Incorporated(More)
Both researchers and practitioners need to know more about how laboratory treatment protocols translate to real-world practice settings and how clinical innovations can be systematically tested and communicated to a skeptical scientific community. The single-case time-series study is well suited to opening a productive discourse between practice and(More)
Photosynthetic electron transport directly generates the energy required for carbon fixation and thus underlies the aerobic metabolism of aquatic systems. We determined photosynthetic electron turnover rates, ETRs, from ca. 100 FRR fluorescence water-column profiles throughout the subtropical and tropical Atlantic during six Atlantic Meridional Each FRR(More)
Toll-like receptors orchestrate rapid local protective innate-immune responses to invading pathogens and optimize leukocyte priming of subsequent adaptive responses. Paradoxically, systemic excess of the TLR2 ligand, bacterial lipoprotein (BLP), suppresses peripheral inflammatory responses. Here, we demonstrate that this phenomenon is regulated via the(More)
Molecular dynamics simulation is used to study argon ion bombardment of an initially perfect silicon crystal up to its damaged state at a total fluence of 4 · 10 14 impacts/cm 2. Lower and higher energy processes are considered: one process with ions at 500 eV and another process with ions at 700 eV, which are like those used in a particular(More)
Although used extensively in industry, regression testing is challenging from both a process management as well as a resource management perspective. In literature, proposed test case prioritization techniques assume a constant pool of test cases with non-changing coverage during the regression testing process, and therefore they work with a fixed,(More)
Any changes for maintenance or evolution purposes may break existing working features, or may violate the requirements established in the previous software releases. Regression testing is essential to avoid these problems, but it may be ended up with executing many time-consuming test cases. This paper tries to address prioritizing requirements-based(More)
Is the brain really operating at a critical point? We study the nonequilibrium properties of a neural network which models the dynamics of the neocortex and argue for optimal quasicritical dynamics on the Widom line where the correlation length and information transmission are optimized. We simulate the network and introduce an analytical mean-field(More)