Mark Minteer

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Twenty-four patients (of whom 17 were paraplegic) with acute fracture dislocations of the dorsal-lumbar spine underwent stabilization with Harrington instrumentation and were followed for an average of 16 months. Immediate postoperative ambulation was achieved in 16 patients. There was little difference between compression and distraction with respect to(More)
The purpose of this study was to design and evaluate a system for the functional evaluation of patients with polyarticular disease. A single assessment can be done in approximately 15 minutes. Extensive prior preparation is not required. The evaluation is reproducible and the numerical characterization agrees well with a physician's overall assessment of(More)
Radiolabeled fibrinogen, impedance phlebography and venogram surveillance were carried out in ten consecutive acute spinal cord paralysis patients. Nine patients had evidence of deep venous thrombosis by radiolabeled fibrinogen technique. Venogram confirmed the presence of venous thrombosis in seven. Impedance phlebography was positive in only four. Eight(More)
A method has been developed for the determination of perchlorate in water and soil matrixes using electrospray liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry/mass spectrometry. Perchlorate is quantitated by monitoring the ion signal from mass 83, which is formed by a loss of an oxygen atom from the perchlorate molecular ion. The method was developed to be(More)
Alpha spectrometry is a commonly used technique for the measurement of uranium isotopes in environmental samples because it is widely available at a relatively low cost. For natural uranium the (234)U to (238)U activity ratio should be 1 and the (238)U to (235)U activity ratio should be 21.7. However, a lower (238)U to (235)U ratio is usually observed in(More)
The function of the accessory respiratory muscles (ARM) of the neck were studied in a quadriplegic patient suffering from a C2-3 lesion of the cervical spinal cord. Subtotal expiratory paralysis resulted in an essentially complete loss of expiratory reserve volume such that residual volume and functiona residual capacity were equal (RV=FRC). Tidal volume(More)
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