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Designing for change: The poetic potential of responsive architecture
The integration of responsive components in architecture offers the potential to enhance the experience of the building by giving expression to fleeting, changeable aspects of the environment.Expand
The Introduction and Design of a New Form of Supermarket: Smart Market
A new form of supermarket is introduced, in which customers can acquire detailed product information with Smart Market’s facilities and expedite the checkout process without human intervention, which gives customers full freedom when checking out and eliminates the time wasted in checkout queues. Expand
OpenD: supporting parallel development of digital designs
This case study traces the development of OpenD, an online environment designed to support the transparent exchange of ideas in design studios where the majority of student work is produced digitally. Expand
Visualization summit 2007: ten research goals for 2010
A synthesis of the nine original and important research goals in the context of Visualization Science is presented in the form of a 10th research goal, namely 'Visualizing Future Cities'. Expand
Architecture and movement : the dynamic experience of buildings and landscapes
Introduction Part 1: Moving through Buildings and Landscapes: the Designer's Perspective 1.0 Introduction to Part One 1.1 The Classical Authors 1.2 Viollet-le-duc on the Medieval Cloister 1.3 CharlesExpand
Revisiting the Open Plan: Ceilings and Furniture as Display Surfaces for Building Information
Two ongoing projects are introduced as examples of building interfaces that enhance the transparency of information in the building, using surfaces embedded in theBuilding to reveal invisible attributes of the interior that can be used by inhabitants to better understand their environment. Expand
Dynamic Ornament: The Design of Responsive Architectural Environments
This thesis study investigates the architectural potential of digital information, using case studies and prototypes to explore the integration of dynamic information in the architecturalExpand
Thermochromic Information Surfaces: Interactive Visualization for Architectural Environments
In this paper we describe a series of nine prototypes that were constructed to explore the benefits and limitations of thermochromic ink as a material for the design of architectural informationExpand
Liquid Ontologies , Metaperspectives , and Dynamic Viewing of Shared Knowledge
We believe there is great learning potential in education involving shared, studentgenerated knowledge bases. However, it is not yet clear what architectures are most appropriate for such sharedExpand
While the ‘disappearing computer’ offers a compelling vision for the future of human-computer interaction, its reality depends very much on design decisions made at the level of the architecturalExpand