Mark McLauchlan

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FHC and IAU are two forms of anterior uveitis which are localized to the eyes with no evidence of systemic involvement. However, FHC has distinct clinical features and differs from IAU in that the inflammation is low grade, steroid non-responsive, and has a less aggressive clinical course. To try to dissect the mechanism for this difference the phenotypes(More)
Prepositional phrases are a common source of ambiguity in natural language and many approaches have been devised to resolve this ambiguity automatically. In particular, several different machine learning approaches have now reached accuracy rates of around 84.5% on the benchmark dataset. Maximum entropy (maxent) models, despite their successful application(More)
Experimental autoimmune uveoretinitis (EAU) was induced in Lewis rats and the inflamed retinas were examined for IFN-gamma, IL-2, IL-4, and IL-10 mRNA production at serial time points using the reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction. IFN-gamma, IL-2, IL-4, and IL-10 mRNAs were all detected 24 hr before the earliest time point at which histological(More)
Intermediate uveitis (IU) and Fuchs' heterochromic cyclitis (FHC) are two chronic ocular inflammatory disorders. They differ considerably in ocular morbidity, which is higher in IU. T cell lines were derived from the vitreous humour (VH) and peripheral blood (PB) of 10 patients with IU and four patients with FHC. There was a predominance of CD8+ in all the(More)
PURPOSE To compare cell types and cytokines in aqueous humor from patients with uveitis either occurring in association with a systemic disease or apparently isolated and not associated with a systemic disease. METHODS Cells were collected by centrifugation of fresh aqueous humor from uveitis and controls, and immunofluorescence techniques were performed(More)
The systemic secretion of rat mucosal mast cell protease (RMCPII), a major product of rat mucosal mast cells (MMC), was examined during primary infections with the protozoan parasite, Eimeria nieschulzi in CFH/B, athymic (rnu/rnu) and euthymic (rnu/+) rats. Release of RMCPII into the blood stream (2.9 micrograms/ml of serum) of normal rats occurred within 1(More)
Probabilistic models have been effective in resolving prepositional phrase attachment ambiguity, but sparse data remains a significant problem. We propose a solution based on similarity-based smoothing, where the probability of new PPs is estimated with information from similar examples generated using a thesaurus. Three thesauruses are compared on this(More)
Retinal soluble antigen (S-Ag) and purified protein derivative (PPD)-specific T cell lines established from Lewis rats were used to study the pattern of lymphokine expression to see if it varied with the inducing stimulus. Lymphokine mRNA expression was detected by PCR combined with Southern analysis after 6-hr stimulation and protein secretion assessed by(More)
The growth rate, feed consumption and carcase composition of nine untreated wether lambs (controls) were compared with those of lambs in which a chronic pneumonia had been experimentally induced. Six pneumonic lambs (group 1) were killed with the controls on day 109 and eight (group 2) lambs were killed when they had a similar mean liveweight to the(More)
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