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A new retrievable inferior vena cava (IVC) filter was tested in nine pigs. Insertion was through a 14 French sheath using both the femoral and jugular approaches. All insertions were successful, and there was a 100% postinsertion IVC patency rate (8/8 pigs at one week and 1/1 pig at one month). Addition of an apical hook to the filter design allowed(More)
BACKGROUND Expert panels of colorectal surgeons consistently rank anastomotic leak as among the most important quality metrics for colectomies. Nonetheless, most administrative and clinical databases do not collect data on anastomotic leaks and rely on reported organ space surgical site infections (OSI) as a proxy for identifying anastomotic leaks. This(More)
Immune-mediated thrombocytopenia (IMT) is a sporadic cause of thrombocytopenia in horses for which it is difficult to establish a definitive diagnosis. In this report, we describe 3 horses with severe thrombocytopenia in which flow cytometric analysis of platelets for surface-bound IgG was used in an attempt to substantiate a provisional diagnosis of IMT. A(More)
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