Mark McCormack

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In this study, we draw on findings from one year of participant observation and 12 in-depth interviews with men in a highly-ranked English university rugby team in order to nuance theoretical understandings concerning the re-production of homosexually-themed discourse in organised sport. We use ethnographic data to theorise the complex relationship between(More)
Over the past seven years, Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center has been planning and implementing an integrated academic information management system. Accomplishments to date include establishing an institutional information architecture, installing a campus-wide network of workstations, recruiting the staff needed to develop and implement the system, and(More)
The concept of "one stop information shopping" is becoming a reality at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center (CPMC). The goal of our effort is to provide access to university and hospital administrative systems as well as clinical and library applications from a single workstation, which also provides utility functions such as word processing and mail.(More)
This article examines the influence of the racial categories of White and Black and the sexual categories of gay and straight on sporting American men. The effect of the intersection of these cultural categories is discussed by investigating the exclusion of athletes who are both Black and gay, as well as highlighting the culturally perceived differences of(More)
This study examined how coaches and players constructed and regulated masculinity in organized sport. Using participant observation, we examined the role of discourses in the construction and regulation of sporting masculinity within a semi-professional British football (soccer) team. Two predominant discourses were present: (a) masculinity establishing(More)
The Integrated Academic Information Management System (IAIMS) concept is about sharing resources and information, and about improving the decision-making ability of health care professionals by integrating information. At Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center, the IAIMS project has established an information architecture based on common, shared computing and(More)
The visual analysis of human motion provides a medium of high information content and natural human-computer communication, whilst remaining noninvasive. The aim of this project is to identify, explore and analyse new methods for human motion data representation and recognition. The work presented herein builds on an existing spatio-temporal salient point(More)
In this article, I present a new model for understanding homosexually-themed language. By detailing how old conceptualizations of homophobic language no longer maintain heuristic utility in explaining the social dynamics of many sport and educational settings, I situate other conceptualizations of homosexually-themed language depending on the cultural(More)