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The “Nab” and “UCNB” collaborations have proposed to measure the correlation parameters in neutron β-decay at Oak Ridge and Los Alamos National Laboratory, using a novel detector design. Two large area, thick, hexagonal-segmented silicon detectors containing 127 pixels per detector will be used to detect the proton and electron from neutron decay. Both(More)
Currently several institutes worldwide are working on the development of a new generation of ultracold neutron (UCN) sources. In parallel with source development, new materials for guiding and storage of UCN are developed. Currently the best results have been achieved using (58)Ni, Be, solid O2 and low temperature Fomblin oil (LTF). All of these materials(More)
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We describe a detection system designed for precise measurements of angular correlations in neutron β decay. The system is based on thick, large area, highly segmented silicon detectors developed in collaboration with Micron Semiconductor, Ltd. The prototype system meets specifications for β electron detection with energy thresholds below 10 keV, energy(More) Ito, T M, Ramsey, J C, Yao, W, Beck, D H, Cianciolo, V, Clayton, S M, Crawford, C, Currie, S A, Filippone, B W, Griffith, W C, Makela, M, Schmid, R, Seidel, G M, Tang, Z, Wagner, D et al. (2016) An apparatus for studying electrical breakdown in liquid helium at 0.4 K and testing electrode materials for the SNS nEDM experiment. Review(More)
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