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AMERICAN FAMILY PHYSICIAN 1103 pressure, and cautioned not to hyperventilate, because hyperventilating will lower the opening pressure. Normal opening pressure ranges from 10 to 100 mm H 2 0 in young children, 60 to 200 mm H 2 0 after eight years of age, and up to 250 mm H 2 0 in obese patients. 2 Intracranial hypoten-sion is defined as an opening pressure(More)
The Office of Graduate Studies has verified and approved the above named committee members iii A mima, a Kiko y a los que dejamos en Cuba iv ACKNOWLEDGMENTS I appreciate the contributions and support from the following individuals: Dr. Bryan Loney, my major professor, and my dissertation committee members: Dr. also thank my colleague Mark Reeves for his(More)
Objective. Acute atrial fibrillation often spontaneously resolves. This study aimed to investigate the outcomes and satisfaction of an evidence-based ED protocol employing a "wait and see" approach. Methods. A prospective observational cohort study of adult patients presenting to the Emergency Department with stable acute atrial fibrillation was performed.(More)
INTRODUCTION At first blush, many will question the need to put effort into the development of a practice guideline for uncomplicated pregnancies when such care seems so rudimentary and simplistic. However, the following points exemplify why a practice guideline for care of pregnant women with uncomplicated pregnancies is a worthy endeavor. 1. Antenatal(More)
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