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OBJECTIVES The locally advanced esophageal carcinoma can be complicated by fistulas. According to published data, the incidence rate of malignant esophageal fistulas is about 13%. The range of treatment modalities proposed by different authors varies from palliation to active and, if possible, radical surgical interventions. In the present study, we(More)
Retrospective analysis of 228 patients with retroperitoneal liposarcoma, operated on in the Russian Oncology Center during 1971-2010, has been done. Of 223 performed operations, 124 were combined, i.e., required multi-organ resection. The kidney was the most frequently removed organ both in cases of primary and recurrent tumors. 10-year survival rate was(More)
Gastric cancer, one of the most widespread malignant tumors, still lacks reliable serum/plasma biomarkers of its early detection. In this study we have developed, unified, and tested a new methodology for search of gastric cancer biomarkers based on profiling of low molecular weight proteome (LMWP) (1-17 kDa). This approach included three main components:(More)
ion of recurring structural & behavior characteristics within a set of different architectures – the concept of commonly-recognized “architecture styles“ [Shaw-Clements-1997] One of the most important aspects of software architecture Nomenclature inspired by building architecture (Roman, Gothic, Baroque, etc.) Recurring commonality in organization and(More)
The differences in expression of ERCC1 were estimated between tumor specimens embedded into paraffin blocks and surgical biopsy specimens of non-small cell lung cancer as well as breast and ovarian cancers. Concordance or differences not higher than 20% were observed in 73% of the cases. The number of the cases with more significant differences in ERCC1(More)
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