Mark Lonsdale

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1. Where biocontrol programmes for invasive plants are in place, only one-third are fully successful. Integrated weed management (IWM) emphasizes the use of several complementary control measures. 2. We used models of increasing complexity to determine which parameters affect site occupancy of an invasive shrub, Mimosa pigra , in tropical Australia. Two(More)
Can we quantify the impact of invasive species? Here we use the per-plant competitiveness of alien weeds on crops as a model of invasive species impact in general. We reviewed 97 weed–crop competition experiments in 32 papers that included 30 alien weed and 14 crop species. The majority (68.92%) were randomised block designs where the alien weed had been(More)
In this paper, we consider the factors behind the growth of invasive species as a global problem, and the scope for international cooperation and coordination in addressing that problem. This is limited by the terms of the various international agreements governing trade, health, and biodiversity. The default strategy in most cases has two parts: border(More)
Sample preparation is crucial for extraction and higher resolution of proteins by two-dimensional gel electrophoresis (2-DE). In this study, we present an efficient protocol to extract proteins from mature rice leaves by minimizing the presence of nonprotein contaminants and by maximizing contact between the sample and extraction buffer. A combination of(More)
Charles Perrings,1 Stas Burgiel,2 Mark Lonsdale,3 Harold Mooney,4 and Mark Williamson5 1School of Life Sciences, Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona, USA. 2Global Invasive Species Programme, Alexandria, Virginia, USA. 3CSIRO Entomology, Black Mountain Laboratories, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia. 4Department of Biological Sciences,(More)
DIVERSITAS, the international programme on biodiversity science, is releasing a strategic vision presenting scientific challenges for the next decade of research on biodiversity and ecosystem services: "Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services Science for a Sustainable Planet". This new vision is a response of the biodiversity and ecosystem services scientific(More)
We report kinetic studies on the reaction of a latex agglutination immunoassay used to quantify phenytoin in serum. In this assay, polystyrene particles with a covalently attached analog of phenytoin react with an antiphenytoin monoclonal antibody to form light-scattering aggregates, with the rate of this reaction being decreased by addition of phenytoin(More)
Natural area managers are currently confronted with a bewildering array of potential sources of information on invading non-indigenous species. At the same time, they often lack sufficiently comprehensive tools to assess current and likely impacts of these invaders in order to prioritize control activities. Existing tools to help evaluate impacts are(More)
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