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A coupled channel model is used to study the nature of the f 0 (980) resonance. It is shown that the existence of two poles close to K ¯ K threshold, as found in many data fits and confirmed here, can be reconciled with the K ¯ K molecular origin of the f 0 (980). Due to a strong coupling between channels the number of the S-matrix poles close to the(More)
We evaluate three meson doorway mechanisms for nucleon-antinucleon annihilation at rest for the first time. Detailed results are presented for the final state φπ 0 originating from the 3 S 1 initial state and for the φρ channel originating from 1 S 0. The results presented also include the improved contributions from two meson doorway states and from the(More)
We study pp annihilation at rest into πφ and γφ. and ρ + ρ − for pp → πφ states is sizable, of order (0.90 to 2.6) × 10 −4 in the branching ratio, but smaller than experiment. For pp → γφ the rescattering contributions are negligible, but the γφ channel is well explained by a ρφ intermediate state combined with vector meson dominance.
— Uncertainty propagation in a level 2 high level information fusion (HLIF) process is affected by a number of considerations. These include the varying complexities of the various types of level 2 HLIF. Five different types are identified, ranging from simple entity attribute refinement using situation status data to the development of a complete situation(More)
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