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Abstract There are now numerous observations of subtle right hemisphere (RH) contributions to language comprehension. It has been suggested that these contributions reflect coarse semantic coding in the RH. That is, the RH weakly activates large semantic fields-including concepts distantly related to the input word-whereas the left hemisphere (LH) strongly(More)
Bicuspid aortic valve (BAV) is the most common congenital valvular heart defect with an overall frequency of 0.5%–1.2%. BAVs result from abnormal aortic cusp formation during valvulogenesis, whereby adjacent cusps fuse into a single large cusp resulting in two, instead of the normal three, aortic cusps. Individuals with BAV are at increased risk for(More)
At least some of the systematicity of language can be rooted in imperfection and flux. We assume that languages are the product of undirected (cultural) evolution with neither plan nor purpose and explore the role of competition in the organization of linguistic systems, with a narrow focus on inflectional morphology. In actual languages, there is often(More)
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