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Human contact with mercury has been ongoing for centuries and was previously considered a legitimate means of treating different cutaneous and systemic conditions. Toxicity from this heavy metal may occur from exposure to elemental, inorganic, and organic forms of mercury. This article outlines the signs and symptoms of mercury poisoning and the different(More)
Developments in information technology offer new opportunities to design electronic patient record systems (EPR) which integrate a broad range of functions such as clinical decision support, order entry, or electronic alerts. It has been recently suggested that EPR could support new applications for disease surveillance and patient safety. We describe the(More)
This section describes trends in two of the major kingdoms of life on earth: the green plants of the Kingdom Plantae and the molds, lichens, and mushrooms of the Kingdom Fungi. Members of the plant and fungal kingdoms have both economic and ecological importance. Plants transform solar energy into usable economic products essential in our modern society and(More)
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