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'Entailment' can be said in many ways. In the present paper, we sketch a linguistic theory which motivates taking 'A entails B' to mean 'commitment to A is, in part, commitment to B', and we present four formal systems designed to capture this concept. These four systems turn out (somewhat surprisingly) to be the strict implicational fragments of the modal(More)
In 'The Logical Structure of Linguistic Commitment I " (The Journal of Philovophicul Logic 23 (1994). 369400), we sketch a linguistic theory (inspired by Brandom's Making it Explicit) which includes an " exprcssivist " account of the implication connective,-+: the role of + is to " make explicit " the inferential proprieties among possible commitments which(More)
Serrated polyps of the colorectal mucosa represent a heterogeneous and controversial taxonomic category with variation in histopathological, molecular, and immunohistochemical characteristics and with an incomplete understanding of pathogenesis. A previous study reported that the expression of gastric pyloric-type mucin, MUC6, characterized sessile serrated(More)
PREFACE The papers in this volume present the results of a three-year research project " Representation and Inference " which was conducted from the beginning of 2008 to the end 2010 1. The aim of the project was to assess the research program of inferentialism as it has been pursued during the last years by Robert Brandom, Mark Lance, Jaroslav Peregrin and(More)
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