Mark L. Stevens

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We demonstrate 1550 nm photon-counting optical communications with a NbN-nanowire superconducting single-photon detector. Source data are encoded with a rate-1/2 forward-error correcting code and transmitted by use of 32-ary pulse-position modulation at 5 and 10 GHz slot rates. Error-free performance is obtained with -0.5 detected photon per source bit at a(More)
The sensitivity of a high-rate photon-counting optical communications link depends on the performance of the photon counter used to detect the optical signal. In this paper, we focus on ways to reduce the effect of blocking, which is loss due to time periods in which the photon counter is inactive following a preceding detection event. This blocking loss(More)
interpretation that the anti-BrdU staining seen corresponds to Bromo-Uridine that has been incorporated into nascent transcripts and not incorporation of BrUTP into DNA or nonspecific binding within the cells. Figure 1, panel I, shows the Bromo-Uridine staining pattern on polytene chromosomes in a salivary gland cell that has been squashed to spread the(More)
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