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ion and encapsulation objects preclude the creation of traditional protocol-level gateways, as each object essentially performs application-level bridging between a particular sensor or control network and the iCS abstract event-programming environment. This provides a high degree of isolation from the underlying protocols used in sensor and control(More)
Arcing between the plasma and the wafer, kit, or target in PVD processes can cause significant wafer damage and foreign material contamination which limits wafer yield. Monitoring the plasma and quickly detecting this arcing phenomena is critical to ensuring that today's PVD processes run optimally and maximize product yield. This is particularly true in(More)
This investigation reports a new potential blood substitute. An acellular fluid is formed between a Tetronic polyol and a modified hemoglobin. It was possible to stabilize the hemoglobin with glutaric acid. The subsequent reaction with the alcohols of the Tetronic polyol resulted in a useful resuscitative fluid. Exchange transfusion experiments in rats was(More)
One method to increase the retention time of hemoglobin (Hgb) is to react it with a hydroxyethyl starch (HES) molecule. To examine this hypothesis, polymer-bound hemoglobin compounds were synthesized by the dialdehyde route. The electrophoretic mobility patterns indicate complete binding of the Hgb. Preliminary exchange-transfusion experiments in rates(More)
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