Mark L Levy

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BACKGROUND The frequency of asthma varies between countries, and may also vary between ethnic groups in more geographically confined areas. We sought evidence of such ethnic variations in the UK for asthma frequency, morbidity, and health-services use, and to understand possible reasons for any differences. METHODS We searched MEDLINE, EMBASE, CINAHL,(More)
BACKGROUND There is international interest in enhancing recruitment of minority ethnic people into research, particularly in disease areas with substantial ethnic inequalities. A recent systematic review and meta-analysis found that UK South Asians are at three times increased risk of hospitalisation for asthma when compared to white Europeans. US asthma(More)
UNLABELLED BACKGROUND The transition to adulthood can be particularly challenging for young people with severe allergies, who must learn to balance personal safety with independent living. Information and support for young people and their families are crucial to successfully managing this transition. We sought to: gather insights into the impact of(More)
BACKGROUND A UK survey of general practitioners (GPs) in 2002 found that they perceived allergy care throughout the UK National Health Service (NHS) to be poor. We conducted a follow-up survey in 2009 to see if GPs' perceptions had changed. OBJECTIVES To determine GP perceptions of allergy care in the NHS in the wake of recent Government reports into(More)
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