Mark L. Chang

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Mobile phone services based on the location of a user have increased in popularity and importance, particularly with the proliferation of feature-rich smartphones. One major obstacle to the widespread use of location-based services is the limited battery life of these mobile devices and the high power costs of many existing approaches. We demonstrate the(More)
We present an indoor wireless localization system that is capable of room-level localization based solely on 802.11 network signal strengths and user-supplied training data. Our system naturally gathers dense data in places that users frequent while ignoring unvisited areas. By utilizing users, we create a comprehensive localization system that requires(More)
This paper presents our work accelerating a NASA image processing application by utilizing adaptive computing techniques. In our hand mapping of a typical algorithm, we were able to obtain well over an order of magnitude speedup over conventional software-only techniques with commercial off-the-shelf hardware. This work complements [6, 7] by widening the(More)