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Tea, coffee, carbonated and chocolate beverages were analyzed for caffeine, and results compared in terms of usual serving sizes. Significant differences in caffeine levels were found to result from the preparation method of coffee or brewing time of tea. It is possible for a cup of tea, instant coffee, or can of cola beverage to have similar caffeine(More)
Invasion of the visceral pleura is an important component of lung carcinoma staging, and in some studies is an independent prognostic indicator. Evaluation of invasion by H&E may be indeterminate. Elastic stains can be helpful but are performed rarely. We reviewed all lung carcinoma resections from 1993 for 13 histologic features potentially predictive of(More)
AIMS To determine the clinical course and long term outcome of empyema treated without decortication. METHODS Fourteen consecutive admissions to one hospital were studied; radiological resolution and lung function were subsequently followed. The children were aged 2-14 years. All were treated with intravenous antibiotics and chest drain only. RESULTS(More)
Based on clinical and histologic features, differentiating metastatic carcinomas from benign or malignant meningiomas usually is not difficult. Occasionally, however, in some patients without a clinical history of carcinoma, malignant meningiomas can morphologically simulate metastatic carcinoma, necessitating an immunohistochemical study for cytokeratin to(More)
BACKGROUND The ideal pretransfusion testing strategy identifies maximal significant antibodies at minimal cost. Objectives of this study were to compare the characteristics of three testing methods and determine their optimal incorporation into the following generic testing sequence: 1) screen, for antibodies 2) if results are positive, use primary(More)
Follow-up studies of bone mineral content in the radius were done in 82 postmenopausal women 4 to 10 years after the first examination. These patients were subdivided into four groups depending on the type of menopause (artificial or natural) and estrogen administration (treated or untreated). Bone mineral mass and combined cortical thickness decreased(More)
Dendritic cells (DCs) are important for the induction of primary T-cell responses and may serve as "biologic adjuvants" in therapeutic protocols. However, given the "plasticity" of this antigen-presenting cell, it remains unclear which DC type (source, subtype, and stage of differentiation) should be applied clinically. To provide additional insight in this(More)