Mark L. Bassett

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BACKGROUND This study assessed the relationship between patient coping style, precolonoscopy information, and anxiety and pain associated with colonoscopy. METHODS Eighty consecutive adult patients undergoing initial colonoscopy were classified into two groups on the basis of coping style: information seekers or information avoiders. All were given(More)
BACKGROUND Hemochromatosis in white subjects is mostly due to homozygosity for the common C282Y substitution in HFE. Although clinical symptoms are preventable by early detection of the genetic predisposition and prophylactic treatment, population screening is not currently advocated because of the discrepancy between the common mutation prevalence and(More)
The role of the measurement of hepatic iron in the diagnosis of genetic hemochromatosis was studied, with particular reference to the differentiation of early hemochromatosis from alcoholic siderosis and the critical hepatic iron concentration associated with fibrosis in hemochromatosis. Hepatic iron was measured in 30 homozygous relatives of 17(More)
1. GH in Australia is significantly associated with the HLA-A3 antigen, which is the only independent marker for the disease (B7 in linkage disequilibrium with A3). 2. The haplotype A3, B7, DR2 is the only one with increased prevalence in this disease, presumably due to its being the predominant haplotype among early immigrants. 3. Exceptions to HLA(More)
Three separate, but allosterically interacting, sites on the gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) supramolecular complex in the brain were pharmacologically blocked in rabbits with hepatic encephalopathy due to galactosamine-induced fulminant hepatic failure to determine whether decreased GABAergic neurotransmission can ameliorate the syndrome of hepatic(More)
RE ferritin synthesis in IHC was studied in M0s isolated from peripheral blood. Twelve phlebotomized hemochromatosis patients with normal body iron stores and 12 healthy control subjects were studied. M0s in culture were exposed to iron as either ferric ammonium citrate or iron dextran, and ferritin synthesis was determined by measurement of 3H-leucine(More)
BACKGROUND Several studies in other countries have demonstrated a change in subsite distribution of colorectal cancer, with increasing proximal cancers. Confirmation of such a change in Australia would have implications for screening and diagnosis of colorectal cancer. AIMS To determine whether there has been an increase in the proportion of proximal(More)
Transfer of the inhibitory neurotransmitter gamma-aminobutyric acid across the normal blood-brain barrier is minimal. One prerequisite for gamma-aminobutyric acid in plasma contributing to the neural inhibition of hepatic encephalopathy would be that increased transfer of gamma-aminobutyric acid across the blood-brain barrier occurs in liver failure. The(More)