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STUDY OBJECTIVES To determine the correlates of static lung volumes in patients with airways obstruction, and to determine if static lung volumes differ between asthma and COPD. PATIENTS AND METHODS We examined the data from all of the adult patients (mean age of 69) who were referred to a pulmonary function laboratory from January 1990 through July 1994(More)
The rotational constraint characteristics of 4 commercially available posterior-stabilized implants (Triathlon, NexGen, PFC, and Genesis II) were determined. The torques required to achieve up to +/-20 degrees of internal and external rotation were quantified at hyperextension, 0 degree, 15 degrees, 60 degrees, and 90 degrees of flexion. The effect of(More)
Long-term subdural EEG recording was performed to test the hypothesis that the duration from ictal subdural EEG seizure onset (ECOT) is prognostic for seizure-free outcome following temporal lobectomy. In 48 patients with complex partial seizures, temporal lobectomy was based on invasive localization of the ictal seizure focus. Subdural EEG data were(More)
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