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Elucidating the metabolic profile of anticancer agent panobinostat is essential during drug development. Disposition, metabolism, and excretion profiles were characterized using trace radiolabeled 14C-panobinostat in four patients with advanced cancer. Oral 14C-panobinostat was administered and serial blood, plasma, and excreta samples were collected up to(More)
2549 Background: Panobinostat (PAN), a hydroxamic acid derivative, is a potent pan-deacetylase inhibitor, demonstrating anti-tumor activities in a wide variety of preclinical models and showing promising clinical activity. This study elucidates the metabolic and elimination pathways of PAN using [14C]-PAN. METHODS Four patients with advanced cancer(More)
The metabolism, pharmacokinetics, and excretion of [(14)C]indacaterol were investigated in healthy male subjects. Although indacaterol is administered to patients via inhalation, the dose in this study was administered orally. This was done to avoid the complications and concerns associated with the administration of a radiolabeled compound via the(More)
Despite overwhelming scientific evidence for man-made climate change, many people and more importantly policymakers still remain skeptical about the subject. While this phenomenon of ”climate-skepticism” prevents implementation of environmental policies around the globe, it is ignored in economic models of climate change. In this paper we fill this gap by(More)