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  • E M Clarke, O Grumberg, H Hirashi, S Jha, D E Long, K L Mcmillan +16 others
  • 1993
error prone. It was demonstrated repeatedly, that SMV is a very powerful and efficient specification proofreader. Model checking with SMV has sufficient capacity to analyze complete specifications of real-life directory based cache coherency protocols, within the aggressive time schedule of a computer design project. It helped us find several problems in(More)
While a prisoner-of-war in Malaya from 1942-1945, a 29-year-old man developed a painful sensorimotor neuropathy, bilateral central scotomata and sensorineural deafness. Examination 34 years later, after a long period of adequate nutrition, revealed considerable residual deficit. Nerve conduction studies suggested axonal degeneration with prominent(More)
Historically, most Printed Circuit Board (PCB) testing was done using bed-of-nail in-circuit test equipment. The progress in the field of miniaturization and integration density has possible to design very complex PCBs, which presents very high testability requirements. Boundary scan is now the most promising technology for testing high complexity PCBs.(More)
The need for more or less space is a common laboratory problem. Solutions may include renovating existing space, leaving or demolishing old space, or acquiring new space or property for building. All of these options carry potential environmental risk. Such risk can be the result of activities related to the laboratory facility or property (e.g., asbestos,(More)
A Hand Test Popular response is developed using 106 normal subjects and Rorschach's traditional "one-in-three" criterion. Six popular responses were derived. Neither the newly established Hand Test Popular response nor the Rorschach Popular discriminated psychosis from nonpsychosis, but as expected, Rorschach chi + % and Rorschach WSum6 were significant,(More)
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