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OBJECTIVES To evaluate the efficacy of the Lidcombe programme of early stuttering intervention by comparison to a control group. DESIGN A pragmatic, open plan, parallel group, randomised controlled trial with blinded outcome assessment. SETTING Two public speech clinics in New Zealand. PARTICIPANTS Stuttering preschool children who presented to the(More)
OBJECTIVES To update a 2005 Cochrane review that assessed the effects of neuraminidase inhibitors in preventing or ameliorating the symptoms of influenza, the transmission of influenza, and complications from influenza in healthy adults, and to estimate the frequency of adverse effects. Search strategy An updated search of the Cochrane central register of(More)
INTRODUCTION Recent reports have highlighted the prevalence of vitamin D deficiency and suggested an association with excess mortality in critically ill patients. Serum vitamin D concentrations in these studies were measured following resuscitation. It is unclear whether aggressive fluid resuscitation independently influences serum vitamin D. METHODS(More)
Balanced forces around the shoulder are important for normal function; however, rehabilitation guidelines are not well defined because the muscle contributions and optimal exercise technique to recruit them are poorly understood. This study aimed to determine (1) the conditions of resisted isometric external rotation that optimized the contribution of(More)
UNLABELLED Stuttering is frequently associated with negative consequences which typically begin in early childhood. Despite this, no previous studies have investigated the presence of personality disorders among adults who stutter. Therefore, the aims of the present study were to screen for personality disorders among adults who stutter, and to compare(More)
The goal of this workshop is to explore new technologies, underlying principles, and general methodologies for supporting software certificate management. Software certification demonstrates the reliability, safety, or security of software systems in such a way that it can be checked by an independent authority with minimal trust in the techniques and tools(More)
An open issue for electronic textiles (e-textiles) used for wearable computing is the choice of materials. This paper describes the desirable characteristics of piezoelectric materials for wearable e-textiles, including shape sensing, sound detection, and sound emission. The paper then describes an initial prototype of a glove for user input that employs(More)
1. Introduction Many applications require the use of multiple, loosely-coupled adaptive computing boards as part of a larger computing system. Two such application classes are embedded systems in which multiple boards are required to physically interface to different sensors/actuators and applications whose computational demands require multiple boards. In(More)
In the problem Max Lin, we are given a system Az = b of m linear equations with n variables over F2 in which each equation is assigned a positive weight and we wish to find an assignment of values to the variables that maximizes the excess, which is the total weight of satisfied equations minus the total weight of falsified equations. Using an algebraic(More)