Mark Johnstone

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Microtubules are important for the growth and maintenance of stable neuronal processes and their organisation is controlled partly by microtubule-associated proteins (MAPs). MAP 1B is the first MAP to be expressed in neurons and plays an important role in neurite outgrowth. MAP 1B is phosphorylated at multiple sites and it is believed that the function of(More)
We have isolated a monoclonal antibody (150) that recognizes a phosphorylation epitope on the microtubule-associated protein (MAP) 1B. Immunoblot analysis of the developing rat central nervous system shows that monoclonal antibody 150 is directed against a protein of approximately 325 kDa (MAP 1B) that copolymerizes with microtubules through successive(More)
MAP 1B is a microtubule-associated phosphoprotein that is expressed early in neurons and plays a role in axon growth. MAP 1B has two types of phospho-isoforms, one of which is developmentally down-regulated after neuronal maturation and one of which persists into adulthood. Because phosphorylation regulates MAP 1B binding activity, characterisation of the(More)
Notices Accellera Systems Initiative (Accellera) Standards documents are developed within Accellera by the Technical Committee and its Working Groups. Accellera develops its standards through a consensus development process, approved by its members and board of directors, which brings together volunteers representing varied viewpoints and interests to(More)
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