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Critical regionalities and the study of gender and sexual diversity in South East and East Asia
This paper argues the case for critical regional enquiries in East and South East Asia into the study of gender and sexual diversity. The concept of 'regions' is here seen as a partial andExpand
Communication in healthcare: A review of some key issues
Research into communication in health has so far had a low priority. What there is, has been targeted at immediate perceived problems; that is, attention has been focused on where there is primaExpand
Ethnicity : UK colorectal cancer screening pilot : final report
This study provides strong evidence of very low CRC screening uptake for ethnic groups in the Pilot area, and indicates that any national colorectal cancer screening programme would need to very carefully consider the implications of ethnicity for roll-out, and develop a strategic plan on how best to accommodate this. Expand
Beauty and Power: Transgendering and Cultural Transformation in the Southern Philippines
This compelling study of gender and sexual diversity in the Southern Philippines addresses general questions about the relationship between the making of gender and sexualities, the politics ofExpand
Diasporic Dreams, Middle-Class Moralities and Migrant Domestic Workers Among Muslim Filipinos in Saudi Arabia
This paper is about middle-class Muslim Filipinos in Saudi Arabia and their discourses about and relationships with migrant domestic workers. Saudi Arabia is not simply a temporary stopping point toExpand
An Overview of the Research Evidence on Ethnicity and Communication in Healthcare
Translated information and interpretation in clinical care has informed the revision of the NHS Funding Formula and led to the development of the Public Sector Advisory Group for public service interpreting. Expand
World Youth Day: The Creation of a Modern Pilgrimage Event for Evangelical Intent
World Youth Day (WYD) is a gathering of Catholic youth from around the globe. This article focuses on how WYD can be interpreted as a socio-historical event. The ubiquitous use of the wordExpand
Making Hospital Mortality Measurement More Meaningful: Incorporating Advance Directives and Palliative Care Designations
This study evaluates the benefits and caveats of incorporating care-limiting orders, such as do not resuscitate and palliative care information, in a general multivariate model of mortality risk, wherein the unit of observation is the patient hospital encounter. Expand
Global Desirings and Translocal Loves: Transgendering and Same‐Sex Sexualities in the Southern Philippines
This article explores male transgendering and same-sex sexualities in the southern Philippines. In particular, the article focuses on the translocal context of nonmainstream genders and sexualExpand
Making difference count: Ethnic monitoring in health (and social care)
The history of the introduction of this policy tool and associated problems and advantages are reviewed and it is concluded that ‘if you are not measuring it you cannot be shown to be doing it’. Expand