Mark James Weal

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OBJECTIVE To evaluate which of two invitation methods, e-mail or post, was most effective at recruiting general practitioners (GPs) to an online trial. STUDY DESIGN AND SETTING Randomized controlled trial. Participants were GPs in Scotland, United Kingdom. RESULTS Two hundred and seventy GPs were recruited. Using e-mail did not improve recruitment (risk(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate the robustness of the intervention modeling experiment (IME) methodology as a way of developing and testing behavioral change interventions before a full-scale trial by replicating an earlier paper-based IME. STUDY DESIGN AND SETTING Web-based questionnaire and clinical scenario study. General practitioners across Scotland were(More)
Modelling arguments on the social web is a key challenge for those studying computational argumentation. This is because formal models of argumentation tend to assume dialectic and logical argument, whereas argumentation on the social web is highly eristic. In this paper we explore this gap by bringing together the Argument Interchange Format (AIF) and the(More)
The value of semantic technologies in the context of learning and teaching has often been associated with the use of reasoning to support learning processes. This paper discusses the value of linked data in addressing data interoperability and integration across higher education institutions and repositories. This value is related to higher education(More)
BACKGROUND Much implementation research is focused on full-scale trials with little evidence of preceding modelling work. The Medical Research Council Framework for developing and evaluating complex interventions has argued for more and better theoretical and exploratory work prior to a trial as a means of improving intervention development. Intervention(More)
INTRODUCTION Many resources are required to provide postoperative care to patients who receive a cochlear implant. The implant service commits to lifetime follow-up. The patient commits to regular adjustment and rehabilitation appointments in the first year and annual follow-up appointments thereafter. Offering remote follow-up may result in more stable(More)
Social News Websites (SNW), such as Digg and Reddit, are a new type of on-line news aggregator where an article’s visibility (e.g. its position) is determined “democratically” by the users’ preferences (usually by vote). We offer an overview of SNWs in both generic and specific terms, as well as some common venues for variation. Finally we present two main(More)
OBJECTIVES Intervention Modeling Experiments (IMEs) are a way of developing and testing behavior change interventions before a trial. We aimed to test this methodology in a Web-based IME that replicated the trial component of an earlier, paper-based IME. STUDY DESIGN AND SETTING Three-arm, Web-based randomized evaluation of two interventions (persuasive(More)
Research at the University of Southampton has extended generalised Open Hypermedia (OH) models to include concepts of context and behaviour, both traditionally very important to the Adaptive Hypermedia (AH) domain. In this paper we re-evaluate Brusilovsky’s taxonomy of AH techniques from a structural perspective. The authors show that it is possible to(More)