Mark J. T. Smith

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This paper introduces a directionally oriented 2-D filter bank with the property that the individual channels may be critically sampled without loss of information. The passband regions of the component filters are wedge shaped and thus provide directional information. It is shown that these filter bank outputs may be maximally decimated to achieve a(More)
In recent years, tree-structured analysis/reconstruction systems have been extensively studied for use in subband coders for speech. In such systems, it is imperative that the individual channel signals be decimated in such a way that the number of samples coded and transmitted do not exceed the number of samples in the original speech signal. Under this(More)
This paper introduces an improved structure for directional filter banks (DFBs) that preserves the visual information in the subband domain. The new structure achieves this outcome while preserving both the efficient polyphase implementation and the exact reconstruction property. The paper outlines a step-by-step framework in which to examine the DFB, and(More)
A new directional filter bank for image analysis and classification is proposed. This paper introduces an improved structure in order to visualize subband outputs of the directional filter banks, while retaining the attractive properties of the original directional filter banks such as 1-D separable filtering, perfect reconstruction, and maximal decimation.(More)