Mark J. Phelan

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INTRODUCTION I n order to assess the value of using the methotrexate information booklet, we conducted a single blind prospective controlled trial of the patients attending two rheumatology services. METHODS The active-arm (n=40) used the MTX information booklet for the patients' education and the control-arm (n=38) did not. Patients' interviews were(More)
OBJECTIVES Previous work has shown that synovial fluid isolated from patients with active rheumatoid arthritis contains soluble (not sedimented by centrifugation at 11,600 g for two minutes) and insoluble (sedimented by centrifugation at 11,600 g for two minutes) immunoglobulin aggregates that are capable of activating reactive oxidant production by(More)
OBJECTIVES The aim of this study was to determine if neutrophils isolated from the blood and synovial fluid of patients with rheumatoid arthritis had patterns of receptor expression resembling those of blood neutrophils from controls which had been activated and primed in vitro. METHODS Fluorescence activated cell sorting was used to measure receptor(More)
BACKGROUND Depressive disorders often begin during childhood or adolescence. There is a growing body of evidence supporting effective treatments during the acute phase of a depressive disorder. However, little is known about treatments for preventing relapse or recurrence of depression once an individual has achieved remission or recovery from their(More)
How do people ordinarily attribute mental states to other entities? Clearly, people take physical features into account when assessing whether an organism is likely to occupy particular mental states. An eyeless cave fish, for instance, will be thought unlikely to occupy visual states. However according to one recent theory, people use information about(More)
BACKGROUND To identify cardiovascular and other comorbidities in a general rheumatology cohort. METHODS Interviews/retrospective chart audits were conducted on 1,000 patients attending rheumatology outpatient clinics of a university teaching hospital. Comorbidities were classified using the Charlson comorbidity index (Ambrose et al. in Ir J Med Sci(More)
Ulcerative colitis (UC), a member of the family of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), occurs worldwide. It has an incidence which in recent years has been rising in areas such as Southern Europe and Asia, while remaining relatively constant in Northern Europe and North America. Complications associated with UC include toxic dilatation, perforation, carcinoma(More)
The objectives of this study are to assess: (a) the prevalence of vitamin D deficiency among new patients attending rheumatology outpatient departments, (b) the age profile of these low vitamin D patients and (c) whether any diagnostic category had a particularly high number of vitamin D-deficient patients. All new patients seen consecutively in general(More)
BACKGROUND A 58-year-old woman presented with arthritis of the small joints of her hands and rapidly progressive joint contractures. She was wheelchair bound within 2 months of the onset of her symptoms. Physical examination revealed synovitis of the small joints of her hands and palmar fasciitis. The patient had been diagnosed with pancreatic carcinoma(More)