Mark J Kutcher

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Warty lesions of the oral cavity were examined for etiologic association with genital tract papillomaviruses HPV-6, HPV-11, and HPV-16. DNAs extracted from ten oral biopsies were screened for HPV genomic sequences by Southern transfer hybridization with 32P-labeled viral DNA probes. Nonstringent hybridization with an HPV-6 probe revealed papillomavirus DNA(More)
Recurrent aphthous ulceration (RAU) remains a clinical problem for many patients. Efforts in prevention and/or treatment with prescription and nonprescription formulations have to date resulted in minimal success at best. A 6-month double-blind clinical study of 96 adults compared a commercially available antimicrobial mouthrinse (Listerine Antiseptic [LA],(More)
BACKGROUND Aphthous ulcers are common and painful. Current treatments are palliative and focused on pain reduction. This article reports on the clinical trials of a novel, bioadhesive treatment modality. METHODS Formulations of 2-octyl cyanoacrylate, or 2-OCA, tissue adhesive were tested in two blinded, sham-controlled studies. A total of 200 patients(More)
Tissue specimens of carcinoma, leukoplakia, and clinically normal epithelium obtained at sites separate from the lesions were examined for the presence of human papillomavirus (HPV). Twenty-two paraffinized specimens of previously diagnosed oral lichen planus were also studied. The carcinoma and leukoplakia specimens were examined by Southern transfer(More)
OBJECTIVE To test the null hypothesis of no difference in caries detection in dim, bright, and hooded environments for laptop viewing of intraoral radiographs. STUDY DESIGN Extracted posterior teeth were imaged with posterior bite wing geometry by using storage phosphor plates. Images were displayed on a laptop computer placed in 3 lighting environments.(More)
Skin cancer is an increasing malignancy worldwide, and dentists are in a good position to observe their patients' faces for worrisome lesions. Most skin cancers are caused by actinic damage. The dentist must appreciate the characteristics of sun damage and be familiar with the clinical signs and symptoms of the more common premalignant and malignant facial(More)
OBJECTIVE A device to standardize imaging was coupled with a digital intraoral camera to investigate the efficacy of 2-octyl cyanoacrylate (OC) tissue adhesives on the healing of minor aphthous ulcers. STUDY DESIGN Forty-two subjects were enrolled in a patient-blinded, sham-controlled study assessing the effects of 2-OC formulations on ulcer size and(More)
The lability of blood pressure during oral surgical procedures and the effects of antihypertensive drugs on this lability have not been investigated sufficiently to evaluate potential medical risks. The purpose of this study was to accurately evaluate blood pressure fluctuations during oral surgical procedures in three groups of patients: normotensive(More)
At the present time there is no objective method to evaluate oral ulcerative lesions for degree of inflammation, surface area, or other parameters of healing. The capability of infrared photography to uniquely image the inflammatory process associated with oral lesions and the use of image-processing technology for parameter analysis was investigated.(More)