Mark J. Immel

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The two N-hydroxylated derivatives (amide oximes) and the corresponding amides of the trypanocidal diamidine diminazene (Berenil, CAS 536-71-0) have been synthesized. These reference compounds made it possible to investigate the in vitro metabolism of the amidine functionalities of diminazene. Diminazene metabolites were detected for the first time, in the(More)
Contents of N, P, K, Ca, Mg, and Mn in aboveground tree components of five deciduous species were determined in closely-spaced (0.9×0.6 m) 4-year-old plantations growing on a river terrace site in the Ohio Valley region of western Kentucky (USA). Species evaluated were: a hybrid poplar, American sycamore, European alder, river birch and green ash. The only(More)
After administration of benzamidine (1) or benzamidoxime (2), respectively, to rats and rabbits, plasma from rats and rabbits as well as urine from rats were examined for the presence of benzamidoxime (2) or benzamidine (1). Some of the samples were worked-up directly and the others after enzymatic pretreatment with beta-glucuronidase or arylsulfatase,(More)
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