Mark J. Hampden-Smith

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A series of group 12 metal thiocarboxylate species, M(SOCR)(2)Lut(2) [M = Cd, Zn; R = CH(3), C(CH(3))(3); Lut = 3,5-dimethylpyridine (lutidine)], were synthesized to investigate their potential to act as precursors for the formation of metal sulfide materials. These species were expected to undergo thiocarboxylic anhydride elimination to give stoichiometric(More)
The synthesis, characterization, and reactivity of new polyether adducts of strontium and barium carboxylates of general composition M(O(2)CCF(3))(n)()(L) (M = Ba, L = 15-crown-5, (1); M = Ba (2), Sr (3), respectively, with L = tetraglyme are reported. The compounds were synthesized by reaction of BaCO(3) or MH(2) (M = Sr or Ba) with organic acids in the(More)
The reactions of Ga(CH(2)CH(3))(3) with variable amounts of elemental sulfur, S(8), in toluene or benzene at different temperatures result in the insertion of sulfur into the Ga-C bonds to form the compounds Ga[(S-S)CH(2)CH(3)](3) (I) and Ga[(S-S-S)CH(2)CH(3)](3) (II). Compound I was isolated from the reaction at low temperature while at room temperature;(More)
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