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In this study, we compare the effects of three mRNAs-goosecoid, activin and Xwnt-8- that are able to induce partial or complete secondary axes when injected into Xenopus embryos. Xwnt-8 injection produces complete secondary axes including head structures whereas activin and goosecoid injection produce partial secondary axes at high frequency that lack head(More)
Fermi gases, collections of fermions such as neutrons and electrons, are found throughout nature, from solids to neutron stars. Interacting Fermi gases can form a superfluid or, for charged fermions, a superconductor. We have observed the superfluid phase transition in a strongly interacting Fermi gas by high-precision measurements of the local(More)
Transport of fermions, particles with half-integer spin, is central to many fields of physics. Electron transport runs modern technology, defining states of matter such as superconductors and insulators, and electron spin is being explored as a new carrier of information. Neutrino transport energizes supernova explosions following the collapse of a dying(More)
Solitons-solitary waves that maintain their shape as they propagate-occur as water waves in narrow canals, as light pulses in optical fibres and as quantum mechanical matter waves in superfluids and superconductors. Their highly nonlinear and localized nature makes them very sensitive probes of the medium in which they propagate. Here we create long-lived(More)
We observe a long-lived solitary wave in a superfluid Fermi gas of (6)Li atoms after phase imprinting. Tomographic imaging reveals the excitation to be a solitonic vortex, oriented transverse to the long axis of the cigar-shaped atom cloud. The precessional motion of the vortex is directly observed, and its period is measured as a function of the chemical(More)
  • Vinay Venkatesh Ramasesh, Martin W Zwierlein, To Amma, Pati Appa, Melih Okan, Takuma Inoue +9 others
  • 2012
This thesis reports the achievement of a two-species apparatus for use in an upcoming experiment with fermionic ultracold atomic gases. First, we describe the construction of a laser system capable of cooling and trapping gaseous lithium-6 atoms in a 3D Magneto-Optical Trap. Second, we discuss the realization of a 2D Magneto-Optical Trap which, in our(More)
We follow the evolution of fermion pairing in the dimensional crossover from three-dimensional to two-dimensional as a strongly interacting Fermi gas of ^{6}Li atoms becomes confined to a stack of two-dimensional layers formed by a one-dimensional optical lattice. Decreasing the dimensionality leads to the opening of a gap in radio-frequency spectra, even(More)
The MIT Faculty has made this article openly available. Please share how this access benefits you. Your story matters. Abstract. We present measurements of spin transport in ultracold gases of fermionic 6 Li in a mixture of two spin states at a Feshbach resonance. In particular, we study the spin-dipole mode, where the two spin components are displaced from(More)
Overview Our group studies strongly interacting mixtures of fermionic atoms, atoms with half-integer spin. In these novel systems we can realize superfluids of fermion pairs and other paradigms of many-body physics. The goal is to improve our understanding of strongly correlated systems, such as high-temperature superconductors, colossal magnetoresistive(More)
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