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Mechanical forces between cells have a principal role in the organization of animal tissues. Adherens junctions are an important component of these tissues, connecting cells through their actin cytoskeleton and allowing the assembly of tensile structures. At least one adherens junction protein, beta-catenin, also acts as a signalling molecule, directly(More)
Aardvark (Aar) is a Dictyostelium beta-catenin homologue with both cytoskeletal and signal transduction roles during development. Here, we show that loss of aar causes a novel phenotype where multiple stalks appear during late development. Ectopic stalks are preceded by misexpression of the stalk marker ST-lacZ in the surrounding tissue. This process does(More)
The remarkable mechanical strength of cellulose reflects the arrangement of multiple β-1,4-linked glucan chains in a para-crystalline fibril. During plant cellulose biosynthesis, a multimeric cellulose synthesis complex (CSC) moves within the plane of the plasma membrane as many glucan chains are synthesized from the same end and in close proximity. Many(More)
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