Mark J. Chavez

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This paper describes ongoing learning and intelligent agent research involving a new class of educational Interactive and Digital Media (IDM) that integrates computational intelligent agents with the functionality and affordances of 3D Multi-User Virtual Environment (MUVE). This research builds upon a proof-of-concept VIRTUAL SINGAPURA immersive learning(More)
Conversational agents that display many human qualities have become a valuable method business uses to communicate with online users to supply services or products, to help in online order process or to search the web. Gaming industry and education may benefit from this type of interface. In this type of interface, users could have different alternatives:(More)
As an emerging medium and industry, computer games received a lot of attention from scholars across a variety of disciplines. The realistic 3D graphics, intelligent non-player characters (NPC) and fascinating game play have made a great impact on user experience in the entertainment domain, e-Learning and other gaming related applications. In this paper, we(More)
Experiential learning is a popular form of instruction within higher education. [Kolb and Fry 1975] The purpose of this paper is to detail how the experiential model can be blended within an open ended and ever evolving project management environment. The experiential model however is not only extended to facilitate the learning of undergraduate students(More)
Purpose of the Workshop The purpose of this workshop is to discuss how to provide educators with sophisticated, computer-generated visualizations of learning by groups and individuals to improve their teaching. The organizers of the workshop are motivated by the convergence of several factors that bear directly on the AIED07 vision to build technology-rich(More)
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