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IMPORTANCE Caudal septal extension grafts (CSEGs) can be used to alter and secure nasal projection and length. Graft position and thickness play an important role in terms of both function and aesthetics. The limitations of harvesting cartilage from additional sites necessitate development of a more efficient method for securing CSEGs. OBJECTIVE To assess(More)
We conducted a contemporary review covering advances and trends in primary and functional rhinoplasty as published during the past decade. Specifically, we reviewed studies supporting the evidence for functional rhinoplasty, nasal valve surgery, and septal reconstruction. In addition, key articles discussing cephalic malpositioning of the lower lateral(More)
Facial resurfacing procedures are becoming increasingly popular. The percentage of non-Caucasian individuals seeking these treatments continues to rise. Patients with darker skin types (Fitzpatrick skin types IV-VI) face unique challenges for successful facial skin resurfacing. Common issues encountered by non-Caucasian patients include dyschromias, acne(More)
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